Sony Hackers Leak Hollywood Stars' Secret Aliases

Guardians of the Peace (GOP), the group responsible in hacking Sony, has leaked the secret aliases used by Hollywood stars to check into hotels.

Sony hackers leak Hollywood stars' secret aliases

The crack investigative team at Fusion reportedly said they obtained documents containing the contact details of the entertainment company's producers, directors, actors, and crew as well as certain names celebrities came up with just to keep their identities private during film shoots and travels.

Here's the list as reported by online sources:
  • Tom Hanks - "Harry Lauder" (a Scottish comedian) and "Johnny Madrid" (a character on Lancer from the '60s)
  • Jessica Alba - "Cash Money" (Cash is her husband's first name)
  • Daniel Craig - "Olwen Williams" (to honor his grandfather, Olwyn Williams)
  • Tobey Maguire - "Neil Deep"
  • Natalie Portman - "Lauren Brown"
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Neely O'Hara"
  • Clive Owen - "Robert Fenton" (Fenton is his wife's surname)
  • Rob Schneider - "Nazzo Good"
  • Taye Diggs - "Scott Diggs" (real name)
  • Jude Law - "Mr Perry"
  • Ice Cube - "O'Shea Jackson" (real name) and "Darius Stone" (the name of his character in "xXx: State of the Union")
  • Debra Messing - "Ava Harper"
Sources: The Economic Times, Yahoo! Celebrity Philippines
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