Netizens Blast Journalist for 'Offensive' Facebook Post

Print journalist Mark Francisco, who writes for a local newspaper, has been criticized for his Facebook post that netizens found "offensive" and "discriminating."

On Tuesday, December 16, the Mindanao Daily columnist posted:

katong mga college alumni ayaw tawn mo pgbutang sa inyu About as Working as Saleslady/Merchandiser or Working as FASTFOOD will demean your status as a degree holder...those jobs are reserved for those who've achieved college level only and did not graduate

Although he excluded it in his main post, Francisco was apparently addressing his status message to a friend.

The assistant lifestyle editor commented separately:

one of ur alumnus students has that on her profile NeFoi NeFarious NeFrology

The controversial Facebook post quickly caught the attention of netizens, who posted their reactions as follows:

Paola Reciña Gaabucayan:

what's wrong with being a merchandiser/food server sir Mark? It's a decent job in the 1st place, nowadays competition is always felt when finding a job, you would be one lucky person if you can land a job after graduating. When you want to be at the highest u must begin at the lowest, of course. The problem would only be in the minds of judgemental people. One of the Alumnus has it in her profile Sir Mark? Kindly clarify the gender? Because it's clearly confusing. Chos!

Kyu Lapiz:

i smell job descrimination here. The school has done its part of molding a student. Once an individual has graduated, the school wont be responsible on whatever decisions that person will do or choose to get a job. This is a bit disturbing as i am not a degree holder but i have a job i can be proud of. We have our own choice sir. I suggest you remove your post before you go viral. Checking the list and no one is on your side so far.

Rich Neri Concepcion

Saint Joseph was a simple carpenter.

Bill Gates was a college dropout.

JFK failed Harvard Law School.

Manny Pacquiao was a former bakeshop laborer.

John Gokongwei was a vegetable delivery guy who rode a bike at dawn while some guys were still sleeping, having woodies and farting on their beds.

My former upperclassman is now a Cebu Pacific Airbus A320 captain but he puts "Bus Driver" on his FB profile yet he's making a six-digit salary a month.

But where are they now?

Titles and all the accollades one could bestow on anybody are nothing but just a speck on some piece of paper if the person who bears it did not do their part for the society. What matters was what they did in life. It's all about making a difference, being men and women for others. Dili anothers.

Aanhin ko ang graduate sa Boston Law School pero corrupt?

I guess it's way cooler to put, "Working at sa puso mo..." or "Swag..." on one's FB profile but nothing beats this:

"Education is important but working as a FREELANCE MODEL is more IMPORTANTER." Say what?

and as early as now you could already tell what kind of future they've got kay mas giuna ang uyab-uyab kesa magtarong eskwela while ilang papa tua sa bukid nagsaka and gibaligya baka aron ang anak maka eskwela. na-vulcanizing shop ang tiyan. good luck. hehe!

Bobby Espinosa Lagsa

the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one, but i guess mark is having orgasm right now cause he is now trending!

and please do not equate human dignity with a piece of paper and the kind of job you hold, some of the most interesting people i know doesn't even have Facebook account!

Ryan Luyao

Mark Francisco i know you mean well but reading your post seems a bit discriminating for some people.

Ivy Carla BeeTee

No decent job is demeaning. If they are proud to be a merchandiser or saleslady, let them be. Mas ulaw kung wai trabaho Mark . Ayaw na sila pakamenusa kay they are contributing so much to the community

Ryan Luyao

Mark Francisco bai dugay naman ta kaila. we sat next to each other during elementary, we go to the same school during HS and college. We have common friends. We eat the same fishball stall at the XU front gate and believe me when I say you mean well sa imong mga post and comments. Sometimes lang bai medyo insensitive ra pud kaau imong post that tends to irritate other people (and your fans!). I-consider lang tong mga reply danhi na medyo mo make sense. Ignore those other comments na medyo hing sakay lang sa discussion and have no constructive thing to say (no offense guys!) Common sense dictates na most people are of the same understanding na dili maayo ang imong gi-post. I am not here to ask you to remove it. I also respect your opinion and good na imo gibarugan. However, the status quo here still believe that your post is insensitive and discriminatory. Im just watching out for you bai. This is from someone on the outside looking in cheers!

As of Wednesday night, Francisco's post can no longer be found on his timeline but a screenshot of which is making rounds on social media.

Do you find his Facebook post offensive and discriminating too? Put your thoughts into words by posting a comment.
Netizens Blast Journalist for 'Offensive' Facebook Post