Mar Roxas Falls Off Motorcycle (Viral Photo)

Interior secretary Mar Roxas fell off his motorcyle during a recent inspection of damages caused by Typhoon Ruby in Taft town in Eastern Samar.

The DILG secretary has been directed by the President to lead the National Government Frontline Team to ensure that disaster preparations in Eastern Samar are in place, to monitor the situation, and to direct post disaster operations.

While conducting ocular inspection in the municipality, Roxas met a minor accident, as can be seen on the photo which went viral on social media. The Cabinet member, who was not wearing a helmet or any protective gear, fell off the motorcyle he himself drove.

Here are some of the comments about the photo, some of which are serious or funny while others are sarcastic:

Teddy Locsin Jr. ‏@teddyboylocsin via Twitter

@wawam @rapplerdotcom C'mon, the wheels just slipped on the slime.

Dyosa Avesa Pirena ‏@avesapirena via Twitter

sana ok yung motor, at sana walang gasgas para magamit pa! kawawa naman ang motor kasi! @rapplerdotcom

Manuel Mejorada ‏@boymejo via Twitter

@rapplerdotcom did Mar tell the photographer to make sure he camera was trained on him? If this is a real fall his left arm would be broken

Alex de Ocampo via Facebook

Epal kasi be buti nga

Robert Rgtpeak via Facebook

hulihin yan...walang helmet!!

Nathan Lagac via Facebook

Sa aking pananaw, ang dating ni Roxas sa lahat ng photo-ops ay trying hard in everything he does. It shows he lacks foresight and program for the country and people. He is only after the power that the position gives, nothing more.

Harlie Llave via Facebook

this poor guy - there is nothing he does that gets positive reaction. If he does something good - it is just his job. If he does something wrong - that is because he is inherently bad. But really, has he shown the public anything- anything at all that could give us at least the benefit of the doubt????

Roxas is said to be a "likely 2016 presidential bet," but it seems prior events are not working in his favor.

In August this year, his helicopter convoy reportedly crash landed while on its way to Cagayan de Oro from Marawi City.

In early November, the DILG chief was slammed by netizens when he became the cover boy of Esquire magazine during the commemoration of the first anniversary of Super Typhoon Yolanda that devastated Tacloban City.

A week ago, netizens were abuzz after a photo of Roxas riding the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) "to avoid the usual Friday pay day traffic jam" made rounds on Facebook. As usual, people called him "epal."