Kuwaiti Woman Looking for Filipina Mother

A Kuwaiti woman, identified as "Fatima," needs help in finding her Filipina mother, Evangeline D. Reginaldo, whom she had not seen for 16 years.

"My name is Fatima. I am 21 years old, Kuwaiti citizen. I'm married to a Kuwaiti citizen. I already have one son. He is two years old. I am here to look for my Filipina mother," she told ABS-CBN News (watch the video).

Fatima claims she was born in the Philippines on August 25, 1993. They went back to Kuwait but her parents got divorced five years later and Evangeline was sent home.

Fatima's dad made her believe that Evangeline had died, but uncovered the truth when she was already 17, the report said.

She decided to look for her mother following her father's death in 2011. The problem is, she only has a photo of her Pinay mom, which was taken 16 years ago (or even earlier); no address, no contact details.

Kuwaiti Woman Looking for Filipina Mother
In photo: Evangeline D. Reginaldo
Besides the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and Middle East News Bureau of ABS-CBN, the Department of Foreign affairs reportedly expressed willingness to help Fatima find her mother.

A report aired Thursday night, December 11, on TV Patrol said Evangeline was already located.