Facebook Unveils 2014 Year In Review Video

"At the end of each year, we reflect. We remember challenges and triumphs. We celebrate the moments that connect us. Take a look back on 2014."

That's the introduction for Facebook's 2014 Year in Review video which was released recently.

It features the most memorable moments that took place in the past 12 months, among which are the response of ordinary persons and famous personalities to the Ice Bucket Challenge, Brazil's devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup, the death of Hollywood actor-comedian Robin Williams, emerging of the dance craze when Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" became a huge hit, people from all walks of life singing to the phenomenal "Frozen" theme song "Let It Go," health hazards, economic challenges, and other events in the world of entertainment, sports and politics that created an impact on human lives.

Check out the video:

Facebook 2014 Year In Review
Source: yearinreview.fb.com