DOTA Trash Talking Leads To Same Sex Romance (Update)

The viral story "DOTA Trash Talking Leads To Same Sex Romance" involving two boys who play the game Defense of the Ancients has gone viral again.

DOTA Trash Talking Leads To Same Sex Romance

Famous tech blogger Mark Macanas of published a report about it in July 2014.

The difference between the old viral story and the new one is that the photos of the individuals concerned are clearer and no longer blurred.

It still has the same caption as the uploader just copied the description from the original post, which reads:

I first met him when he trash talked [to] me in our [DOTA] game and because of that bad boy attitude, I tried to add him to my friends [list on] Facebook then poof! Then, na-develop na."

Quoting a satire news site, TechPinas mentioned that one of the boys who entered into the gay relationship is "one of the top DOTA players in Batangas City and many girls admired him."

It appears that this is becoming a trend among DOTA players nowadays.

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