DOH Anti-Teenage Pregnancy Music Video Slammed

The Department of Health (DOH) is under fire for its new anti-teenage pregnancy infomercial, the video of which went viral on social media.

The 3-minute music video was posted on the health department's Facebook page on Sunday, November 30. It featured a cheering squad performing a routine that interpreted the lyrics of the song that talk about relationships, sex, and pregnancy from the perspective of teenagers and parents.

However, the infomercial was removed for unknown reasons. It was found out that the video was taken down as it garnered scores of negative criticisms from netizens.

Critics said the controversial video promoting the anti-teen pregnancy campaign of the DOH "doesn't make sense," just "a waste of taxpayers' money," and the music video "sounds similar " to the K-Pop group SMTOWN's song "Rum Pum Pum Pum."

The following are some of the best comments regarding the informercial.

Paolo Sta.Maria:

we pay taxes for these kind of shitty things. Thank you DOH for providing good support by calling people gaga girl and bobo boy. what will you pay SMent if they sue you for plagiarizing there song? our taxes again? good intentions, bad execution. It would have been have been more helpful if you provide kids with real SEX EDUCATION rather than this video that doesn't help at all"

Camille Estanislao:

Hey, wtf, DOH if you can see this comment. This video promotes nothing. It does not discourage teen sex at all––though it does encourage the use of the words gaga and bobo. Tapos may cheering squad. Ano? Tapos yung tono, KPOP knockoff lang yata. Tapos yung lyrics... what...?? "Wag magkasala... wag madapa..." "Salamat sa payo, gets ko naman kayo..." Ano? E ngayon?

Teenage pregnancy is a real problem, especially in the slums, and you waste your money on this shit video. You would get more of your money's worth with a really normal Public Service Announcement about sexual health, consequences, and where to get help. And contraception. Don't just dance around at the public, singing at them, "Don't have sex kids, don't have sex." Effective much! (That was sarcasm. In case you're as unintelligent as you expect the general public to be.)

Meanwhile, down here, we watch the poor getting poorer. We walk outside and we see them grow in number. Yung pulube na madaming anak? Lola na sya.

And the government just calls out and begs us, "Please kids, just don't have sex okay, it's bad eh!" Mukha nyo.
Oh wait, you didn't waste your money, haha, you wasted ours."

Ysa Cruz:

So instead of providing information about premarital sex, the DOH posts a video like this instead? A video saying that we should call teen parents "tanga", "gaga" and "bobo", even though it's also their fault. They wasted so much money on doing this video. They could've hosted free orientations about premarital sex, instead."

Poteet Gimenez:

This is the ugliest material so far from the DOH. The cheerleaders distract from the main campaign message. The lyrics make an attempt to be colloquial but leave so much for interpretation. Disappointing. The teens are heckling it more than getting the whole point."

Nicky Angeles:

Bakit kailangan may profanity? If you're trying to promote cussing then you did a very great job of it. This video doesn't nearly help in the prevention of teen pregnancy. I despise this video so much."

Sean de Dios:

Whoever gave the green-light for this video should be forced to watch it for all eternity as punishment. #sunogpera"

The DOH has yet to give a response.
DOH Anti-Teen Pregnancy Informercial

Hat tip to The Filipino Scribe