BPI ATM With Skimming Device Found at BGC

A BPI Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at Bonifacio Global City has been found to be tampered with an electronic skimming device Tuesday night.

BPI ATM With Skimming Device Found at BGC

Facebook user FJ Castle, who uploaded photos of the fake keypad and card slot, encouraged everyone who withdrew money from the Bank of Philippine Islands Express Teller machine behind FullyBooked near the W-Building to change their personal identification number (PIN) immediately.

He said a dummy keypad with chips to record the PIN and an apparatus on the insert card area, also with a chip to record card details, were found at around 9:30 p.m. on December 2.

Fake ATM card reader

Fake ATM keypad

Hi-tech thieves use these kinds of devices for ATM skimming, which is described by authorities as identity theft for ATM savings or debit cards.

The counterfeit card reader, or skimmer, is placed over the real card slot to scan and store personal information from the magnetic strip while the fake keypad is designed to mimic the original as a deceptive way to capture the PIN.

In the picture taken by FJ, the real keypad looks older than the fake one. The color difference between the keypad and the rest of the electronic cash dispenser is a hint that something is wrong.

If you spot one, try to push the side of the keypad hard. Once it moves, do not proceed with the withdrawal. Instead, call the attention of the security guard or notify the police immediately.

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