Bamboo Mañalac Dead? 'The Voice' Coach is Latest Celebrity Death Hoax Victim

Is singer Bamboo Mañalac dead? A fake news that The Voice coach died due to drug overdose circulated on social media on Tuesday, December 9.

RIP Bamboo Hoax

The Filipino rock artist is alive and kicking, that's for sure.

According to news and entertainment blog Social Trends PH, rumors started spreading across Facebook timelines after a particular website published a satirical entry about Bamboo's supposed death.

The video on the post reportedly contained the singer's photo with a message that says "RIP BAMBOO MAÑALAC 1976-2014." It required one to share the post first before the video becomes viewable.

Based on observation, it appears that the satire news site used the shocking headline to lure would-be victims along with a method called "clickjacking," which is similar to the one applied on the bogus Coleen Garcia sex scandal and the fake Jasmine Curtis Smith intimate private video as well as the widely-discussed Boy Abunda death hoax.

The International Business Times describes it as "a technique used to trick online users into clicking hidden links and buttons. Scammers exploit the security weakness in web browsers to allow the layering and hiding of pages."

"As a result, users often click on the play button of a video they thought was posted by a Facebook friend. However, they don't know they are clicking on a hidden link. Users will then be redirected to other pages that ask for personal information. These pages often encourage users to join a 'competition.' If information is entered, victims will be vulnerable to malicious software. Scammers will use their profiles to spread the scam online," the website explained.

Did you encounter that hoax news on Facebook?