AIM Global Used Stolen Photos for Product Promo?

AIM GLobal, a direct sales multi-level marketing company, has been accused of using stolen selfie photos to promote a product via social media.

A man identified as Mach Cadavos complained that his pictures were illegally taken and used by the AIM Global Network Facebook page to sell a product, "Sumbungan Ng Bayan," a public service segment on GMA-7's newscast 24 Oras, reported.

The complainant claimed that the page posted his selfies without consent. The "before and after" photos were part of a documentation about how he addressed his problem on acne, the report said.

Cadavos stressed that he used a different soap to cure the skin disease and not a product from AIM Global.

In its about page, the networking company stated that it distributes food supplements and premium blended beverages, although some related Facebook pages indicate that they also sell whitening products.

Victor Lorenzo, executive officer of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Cybercrime Division, said in an interview that the company has a civil liability for posting and using the photographs for commercial purposes.

Cadavos has reportedly filed a computer-related forgery case under the Anti-Cybercrime Law against AIM Global Network. By using his photos, he said the company deceived its customers.

This was refuted by AIM Global members saying they do not market soaps. One of those who defended the company made an accusation that Cadavos works for a competitor, adding that the complainant allegedly created the fake Facebook page for an apparent smear campaign.

AIM Global has released a statement denying that its official Facebook page posted Cadavos' selfie photos.

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AIM Global Used Stolen Photos for Product Promo?