Young Couple Caught Making Love In Broad Daylight

A video showing a young couple caught in the act while making love in the middle of a farm in broad daylight has gone viral on social media.

Young couple caught in the act

The cellphone video, which was uploaded October 31st on Facebook already garnered over 54,000 views, 400 likes and 1,700 shares as of this posting.

The page admin alleged that the woman in the video was a two-timer and the couple was experiencing a "genital lock" when they were caught. No other details were provided.

Viewers commented that the persons involved were not Filipinos but Indonesians, based on their language.

Some said they noticed that the couple wasn't actually suffering from "penis captivus" which is, according to Wikipedia, a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the woman's portal clamp down on the man's genital much more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the one-eyed monster to withdraw.

The young couple appeared "locked" because the men who caught them told them to stay put, otherwise they would call the police, netizens observed.