Woman Finds iPhone In Cafe, Hides It: Stealing or Dishonesty?

A CCTv video caught a woman who found an iPhone 5S on a couch at a cafe in Quezon City and hid it in her bag. Was it stealing or dishonesty?

According to Facebook user Phil Maranan, who works at Green Coffee, the incident happened at the cafe's Tomas Morato branch on All Saints' Day, November 1.

He said a group of customers complained that one of their companions inadvertently left her cellphone behind.

Maranan shared that they reviewed the CCTv footage to find out who took it. The group didn't catch the woman when they returned to the establishment because she left quickly, he added.

One of the commenters on Maranan's post said the owner tried to contact her own phone but it was already unattented.

If you were the one who found the iPhone 5S? What would you do?

Woman Finds iPhone In Cafe, Hides It