Tyrone Tang's 'Debate' Remark Sparks Online Debate

Former La Salle Green Archer now PBA player Tyrone Tang's remark in the Milo-sponsored Rappler Profiles feature has sparked an online debate.

He said in the ad:

I think it's a debate between who is the best school in the country."

On its Facebook page, Rappler slightly edited the line to read:

"I think it's a debate between [which] is the [better] school in the country."

Nobody corrected or fixed the 5'7" Rain or Shine Elasto Painters point guard's statement, not even the Rappler Profiles team.

But more than the "wrong grammar" brouhaha, internet users tackled the issue on which school is better: Ateneo or La Salle?

The so-called "Ateneo-La Salle Rivalry," as what Philstar.com puts it, is "the rivalry that has sold sports apparel, donuts and specialty drinks in convenience stores...the rivalry that helps Araneta Center and the SM Arena meet its profit margins...[and] the rivalry that even has its own Wikipedia entry."

At the time he was asked, TY Tang was obviously referring to the best school as far as basketball is concerned and for him, it's La Salle. Of course!

On Rappler's post, many answered U.P. (University of the Philippines).
Tyrone Tang's 'Debate' Remark Sparks Online Debate