Rooster Lays Egg in Cagayan de Oro

A fighting rooster at Zone 9 in Barangay Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, allegedly laid an egg the size of a 25-centavo coin, ABS-CBN News reported.

Antonio Naguio, the owner of the white claret rooster, reportedly said he was surprised to see the small egg near its food. His rooster is separated from hens so he is sure that it was the one who laid the small egg.

A photo of the rooster's egg alongside a regular-sized egg was posted by one Daniel Naguio on the Facebook page of TV Patrol Northern Mindanao.

There's a possibility that the rooster has two reproductive organs and hormonal imbalance may have caused it to lay an egg, Ma. Teresa Roa, coordinator of the Department of Agriculture - Region 10's livestock program, reportedly said.

Roa added that the one laid by Naguio's rooster is called pullet egg.

Meanwhile, Naguio told the news team that he will not cook nor sell his rooster's egg as it could bring him luck.
Rooster Lays Egg in Cagayan de Oro