OFW In Viral 'Careless Whisper' Video 'Deported'

The female overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia who gyrated in the viral "Careless Whisper" video has been deported, according to reports.

OFW In Viral 'Careless Whisper' Video 'Deported'

A Facebook user said the woman, known online as alias "Charmine Chou" or "Jasmine Hamza," has been sent home. It was reported earlier that she hails from Zamboanga City, Philippines.

In mid-October this year, a screenshot of an alleged letter from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior saying that she was "wanted in Saudi" for posting sexy photos on Facebook made rounds on social media.

As the issue became controversial, a supposed Master of Arts student in the Philippines claimed that she created the internet persona for a "case study."

Later that month, rumors that the woman was captured and scheduled to be beheaded circulated. At the same time, the purported MA student challenged anyone to file a case against her in court.

Recent reports say that the OFW in the viral "Careless Whisper" video has been deported. Netizens discussed the issue once again after a graphic photo of an allegedly beheaded Filipina domestic helper went viral on the social networking site.

It was discovered that the disturbing picture was posted in November 2012, less than two years before the alleged case study caught public attention.