NAIA Security Guard, Taxi Driver's 'Modus' Exposed

An alleged modus operandi of a security guard and a taxi driver at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 has been exposed.

A disgusted commuter named Marl Asiatico Nitura, a television director, shared his experience on Facebook. He attached two photos that show a Joannian taxi with plate number "UVL 674" and an unidentified airport security guard.

Nitura alleged that the taxi driver, who apparently thought at the time that he is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), showed him a "laminated" tariff (list of fare rates) and said he would be charged based on "dollar rates." He pretended not to notice the anomaly.

When the taxi meter indicated the fare at $55, the TV director complained that the cost was already P2,500 once converted into peso. The driver allegedly said it was that high because NAIA security guards have a "share."

While showing off his "Media" ID, Nitura told the driver that they are fooling passengers and that what he is doing is illegal since his is a regular taxi with no accreditation.

According to Nitura, the driver asked for patience and said he would just drive him back to the airport. Upon arriving at NAIA, the TV director said he transferred to another taxi and saw the Joannian taxi driver talking to a security guard, whom he believed was an accomplice.

The security guard walked away from the driver after seeing him taking photos using his cellphone, the TV director added.

Nitura warned other commuters to be aware of the scheme.

NAIA Security Guard, Taxi Driver's 'Modus'
Hat tip to Ask Pinoy Bloggers member Randy Dumallang