Marian Rivera 'Sex Video Scandal' a Facebook Scam

Have you received a message about the alleged Marian Rivera sex video scandal forwarded to you by your Facebook friends recently? It's a scam.

Your Facebook friends might have clicked the spammy link—similar to what's shown in the following image—and are forwarding it to you and their other connections on the social networking site without them knowing it.

Marian Rivera 'Sex Video Scandal' Facebook Scam

If you happen to encounter this, don't ever click the link. Otherwise it will redirect you to and later on to

The landing page is a phishing site.

Car Insurance App

According to Google Safe Browsing, phishing sites "pretend to be legitimate while trying to trick users into typing in their username and password or sharing other private information."

It says "common examples are web pages that impersonate legitimate bank websites or online stores." In this case it's a car insurance company that might have been compromised.

Report it as spam or delete the forwarded message immediately. Also, tell your Facebook friends who got infected to inspect the Facebook apps they've installed and disable those that are suspicious.