Maegan Aguilar 'Beaten Up' By Domestic Partner (+Photos)

Maegan Aguilar, daughter of legendary folk singer Freddie Aguilar, allegedly "received a nasty beating" from her domestic partner Ali Sanchez.

Maegan Aguilar battered

The band singer's best friend, rapper-songwriter Maria Silorio, relayed through a Facebook post that the violent incident occured after Maegan attempted to break up with Ali.

Silorio attached photos showing Maegan wearing a neck brace while sitting on a hospital stretcher. She said her friend's right arm was dislocated and the bruises on her back and hips due to the alleged mauling were evident.

The rap artist accused Ali, the father of Maegan's youngest child, of being "an alcoholic that often reaches a violent black out state & beats up my friend & threatens her life."

Silorio called out to the officers, members and supporters of partylist and women's rights group Gabriela and to "all BATTERED WOMEN who have experienced this kind of treatment from their boyfriends, husbands/live-in partners" for support.

She told the singer's bashers and haters on social media to shut up.

Meanwhile, Maegan admitted in an interview aired on television that she has been battered by her live-in partner every time he gets drunk. The singer also shared that in the past, she finds it hard to end her relationship with Ali as the latter didn't want to leave her.

Maegan insisted that she won't ask any help from her father, whom she has a rift with following her opposition to his marriage to his girlfriend, who was a minor back then.

Her family was subsequently evicted from the Filipino folk icon's house after she made her sentiments against him and his new wife public.

Maegan Aguilar thinks they will just say that what's currently happening is "karma."