Who Jed Madela Called 'A Bunch of Monkeys' Revealed

Who did Jed Madela call a "bunch of monkeys?" Not his co-performers at ASAP 19, not the residents of Cagayan de Oro, but "some other person."

Jed Madela

The singer ranted on Facebook last Sunday, November 9:

Nothing's changed. Same old sh**. I'll just smile and imagine I'm dealing with a bunch of monkeys."

People thought that he was referring to the residents of Cagayan de Oro City where he performed as guest during Lani Misalucha's concert on November 8.

It was found out that Jed encountered something inconvenient at the CDO airport. He posted on November 10:

Made it through the weekend! Flew to Cagayan de Oro last Saturday... flew back to Manila Sunday... did ASAP... then did a show in Enchanted Kingdom. Aside from the hassle caused in the airport, everything went very well! Thank you Lord!"

In a recent interview, the singer clarified that his "bunch of monkeys" remark was misinterpreted, saying "I was referring po sa staff ng Cagayan de Oro Airport" and not the concert goers.

Earlier, he expressed dismay about the very tight check-in procedure which he described as "hassle" as they were in a hurry to go back to Manila.

Jed said there's no truth to rumors that he will be declared persona non grata in CDO because he has "nothing against the people" there as they were "warm" and "welcoming."

In an interview aired November 17 on ABS-CBN's late night talk show Aquino & Abunda Tonight, the singer admitted that his Facebook post was "really harsh" and "really bad."

I apologized for it already and, you know, I was not thinking straight, I was tired, I was upset. I also learned my lesson."