Groping or Stealing? Puzzling Photo Goes Viral

A puzzling photo has gone viral on Facebook since last week as netizens try to figure out what a suspected pickpocket was doing to a woman.

Groping or Stealing

Was he groping her goodie? Or trying to steal something from her bag?

According to a tipster, the photo made rounds on Facebook in mid-November. The woman is believed to be an employee of a well-known bank, "based on the uniform she wore," while the man, as what has been said, is a suspected pickpocket.

The incident, the source said, happened inside a passenger vehicle in "a big city in Mindanao," but the exact location was not disclosed.

Many Facebook users, most of them female, got angry with what they saw in the picture saying the man was clearly physically taking advantage of the bank employee, who was unable to do anything because of fear (although the reaction in her face couldn't be seen as it has been blurred for her safety and privacy).

According to the tipster, the female commuter was very afraid that she got off from the passenger vehicle even if she has not reached her destination yet. Trembling, the bank employee cried at the street corner, the source said.

It's unknown whether or not the woman sought police assistance and if the suspected pickpocket was arrested.