These Girls Enjoy Holding A Carnivorous Plant, Here's Why

A video featuring several Asian girls, who enjoy watching and holding a carnivorous plant with a unique form, is making rounds on Facebook.

People usually create crazy names for this plant because of its form, but it is officially called the Pitcher Plant.

According to Pitcher Plant Farm, a Bukidnon-based importer and producer of carnivorous plants in the Philippines, "these plants attract, kill and digest insects and in rare cases even small animals like frogs, lizards, rats and birds."

The introduction on its website says the plant also attracts humans because of its "outstanding beauty and sophisticated functionality."

Pitcher Plants have evolved modified leaves known as a pitfall traps, a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with liquid, a Wikipedia entry says.

The sizes of the traps vary, ranging from a few millimeters to others capable of holding much more than 2 liters of fluid, the Pitcher Plant Farm added.
pitcher plant