Feel Good Video Features Amazing Talent

A feel-good video that features an amazing talent is making rounds on Facebook. This one will entertain not only the kids, but adults as well.

The puppet seen in the video is Stix, a marionette created by masterminder RicKy Syers, who is described in the about page of his official website as "an instinctive mechanical and structural engineering prodigy" and referred to by his fans as "a real eye full" as well as "candy to the ear."

Since 2009, Syers has performed over 150 shows in Central Jersey alone, the site posted. He is also an internet sensation and his YouTube videos are followed by people who love to watch puppet shows.

He personally crafted and hand-sew Stix, an old-man marionette that looks like a hobo or a homeless vagabond. Syers calls it a "model vintage moonshiner," one who makes moonshine, a distilled alcohol.

In the second video, Stix performs some dance moves to the tune of Geovanny Bedón's instrumental flute version of the classic song Guantanamera and do some other things, which include drinking alcohol from his jar, to entertain the crowd as kids and parents snap photos and take videos.

Monetary donations pour in after a public performance.

RicKy Syers' Stix