Father Sets Own Daughter On Fire With Paint Thinner

The life of an 11-year-old girl in Makati was put in danger after his own father poured paint thinner on her body and set her on fire while she was sleeping.

According to ABS-CBN news, the victim suffered burns on her jaw, arms and left leg. The incident reportedly happened while she was soundly asleep on top of a tomb at Manila South Cemetery last Tuesday night. The girl was shocked that his own father did it to her.

Rodnick Santos, a relative of the victim and suspect, said he was in disbelief after seeing everything.

"He mentioned suicide," he said in Filipino, referring to the father of the victim. "He was pouring thinner on the child who was already burning, then I took some water and threw it on the child."

The suspect, identified in the report as Emmanuel Santos, is known in the area as a drug user. Like Rodnick, he accepts cleaning and tomb-painting jobs in the cemetery where they are dwelling in.

Rodnick told the news team that prior to the incident, he often sees Emmanuel hurting his daughter especially when she visits her mother. The suspect and his domestic partner separated over a year ago because of his addiction to drugs, the report said.

The victim's mother revealed that she couldn't do anything because the suspect threatened to hurt them both if the child won't be placed under his custody.

The girl was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday and discharged after burn treatment. However, she was brought back to the hospital Friday due to fever. The local government shouldered the hospital expenses, but the mother was worried about where to get money to buy medicines by the time her daughter will be out of the hospital.

The suspect is nowhere to be found, the report said.
Father Pours Thinner, Sets Own Daughter On Fire