Del Monte Philippines' Statement On Heart Smart 'Incident'

Del Monte Philippines has given a statement regarding the "incident" where an alleged black residue was found in one of their products.

On October 23, a consumer posted on Facebook a video showing what appeared to be dirty content and an unidentified material inside a can of Heart Smart pineapple juice drink.

We published a report about the viral video last Tuesday, November 4. The following day, Del Monte Philippines' social media arm commented about it on Twitter.

Here's what the company said:

Del Monte Pineapple Juice residue

In a follow-up post on Thursday, Del Monte Juices Customer Service said:

The originator of the post has taken it down, with his complaint being addressed satisfactorily. It was determined that the mold growth in the can was caused by a breach in the packaging (as seen from the dent), which likely happened from improper handling or storage, after the product left Del Monte’s production facilities. No other complaints have so far been noted from other Del Monte juices coming from the same production run.

Rest assured we, at Del Monte, are committed to provide the best quality products to our valued customers as we have been doing so for the past 80 years. Del Monte canned juices production facilities meet standards set by the Philippine Food & Drug Administration, and have likewise passed ISO certification in conformance with international standards. We hope that this satisfies your concern and assure you that we will continue to serve our customers only quality-assured products. Thank you."