Model Claims Daniel Matsunaga Became Her Boylet

A model named Teesh De Sagun II ranted on Facebook against her former-boyfriend. In her post, she claimed that Daniel Matsunaga became her boylet.

Model Claims Daniel Matsunaga Became Her Boylet
Screencap courtesy of Fashion Pulis
"Boylet" is slang for boyfriend often uttered by college girls, according to the Urban Dictionary.

In her "kiss and tell" tirade last November 26, a screencap of which was posted by the popular gossip blog, Teesh revealed that she went out with the Brazilian-Japanese actor every time she and her ex were having a lovers' quarrel.

Apparently, the model admitted that she had sex with the 26-year-old PBB All-In big winner, the very reason why she was accused by her ex-boyfriend of being a cheater.

In a separate screenshot published by FP, the unidentified ex-boyfie confirmed that something intimate happened between Teesh and Daniel. He said the actor even apologized because he didn't know that the girl already had a boyfriend when they first met in Boracay.

Teesh De Sagun II and Daniel Matsunaga
Screen grab courtesy of Fashion Pulis
Some commenters found out that Daniel supposedly followed Teesh on Instagram, but unfollowed her when the issue came out.

The actor denied the rumor in a comment on IG.

Daniel Matsunaga denies rumor
Screen grab courtesy of Fashion Pulis / Instagram