Cute Crepe Vendor's Photos, Video Go Viral

The photos and video of a cute and charming Taiwanese crepe with ice cream vendor are making rounds on blogs and social media. Find out why.

Cute Crepe Vendor

Say hello to Cindy, a young sexy lady who sells a delicious and savory delicacy called popiah—made of soft, thin paper-like crepe wrapping the ice cream and crushed peanut toppings—at a market stall in Taipei’s Songshan District.

The fresh spring roll is common in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and a favorite in Xiamen, China. Indonesia and the Philippines have another version of this food, called locally as lumpia, with different variations in sizes and ingredients.

Several sources including mentioned that Cindy has been invited to appear and get featured in television shows after her YouTube video went viral in Singapore and Japan. The hosts, audience as well as the viewers of the TV programs where she guested were captivated by her looks, charm and appeal, not to mention her skill in making yummy crepes.

Cindy making crepes

Online, some men from the states and Europe expressed willingness to fly to Asia just to see her in person. One netizen even posted on social media that he will be more than happy to buy all of Cindy's crepes everyday just to be able to talk to and rub elbows with her.

No wonder that some male humans would do anything to meet this cute crepe vendor, her know...the crepes she sells, really look delicious!

Check out this video to see her in action:

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