Customer Finds 'Cockroach' in McDonald's Product

While McDonald's is investigating the "cheeseburger worm" incident, another customer surfaced claiming to have found a "cockroach" in his food.

Alleged cockroack ootheca in McDonald's food

After the fast food restaurant responded to our report and posted on its Facebook page an advisory regarding the incident that took place in their branch in Bajada, Davao City, last November 14, one Archie Alcantara commented that he also found a "well done cockcroach" from the food he bought at McDonald's branch in Congressional Avenue in Quezon City.

Alcantara attached a photo of the "foreign object" that looks like a black roach egg case known as ootheca.

A staff manning the McDonald's Facebook page quickly asked for Alcantara's contact number, e-mail address, and the date and time of purchase, which the customer promptly provided.

We will publish the result of the investigation if McDonald's will make the information publicly available.