Alcover vs Duterte: Partylist Representative Hits Davao Mayor

ANAD Partylist Representative Jun Alcover posted on Facebook a critical remark against Davao City mayor Rody Duterte on Thursday, November 27.

Alcover vs Duterte: Partylist Representative Hits Davao Mayor

Alcover, a pastor who represents the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy in the lower house, said:

What a criminal for president ..???.. A pyschopath ???... A silent protector of big time drug lords, terrorist & smugglers ???... A believer of a communist system of justice , Kangaroo court.... " ur presumed guilty until proven otherwise " PATAYin ka Muna bago trial ..!!!.. Yan ba ang tamang solusyon ???.. A wrong solution is never correct !!!... Are u proud to the international community that we have a president who is a killer ???.. Tama ba ako Digong?????!....

"Digong" is Mayor Duterte's nickname.

It's not known what prompted the congressman to take a verbal swipe at Duterte anew, but his grudge against the hard-hitting local chief executive started a few years back.

According to a report from two years ago, Alcover was declared persona non grata by the Davao City council in 2010, along with retired Army general Jovito Palparan, after they "were quoted in a local newspaper back in 2009 as having said that Davao had become a breeding ground of the New People’s Army, leading to more violence in the city."

Duterte served as city vice mayor, hence as presiding officer of the sangguniang panlungsod of Davao, from June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2013.

In November 2012, Duterte's daughter Sara (who was at the time mayor of the city), a councilor, and some militant leaders protested Alcover's visit to Davao for a congressional inquiry on human rights.

Asked to comment, the younger Duterte jokingly said the city will prepare a band and red carpet for Alcover. She admitted that they (protesters) "don’t have legal basis to prevent him from doing his job."

Sara added: "It is enough that he knows he is undesirable and not welcome in the city. And the best way to make him feel like an idiot is to ignore him."