Prisoners Pour Water On Inmate With Stinky Armpits

Prisoners inside the detention cell of the San Pedro Police Station in Davao poured water to an inmate with stinky armpits Tuesday morning.


A report published on SunStar Super Balita Davao says Police Officer 3 Pedong Mading asked Jonathan (not his real name) to take a bath.

Before that, Mading reportedly noticed the commotion inside the prison cell as detainees complained that they were not able to sleep Monday night due to the stench coming from the 19-year-old's underarm.

The stubborn prisoner was eventually forced to bathe after his inmates poured water on him.

Jonathan was arrested early Sunday morning after he was accused of stealing chickens in Madapo Hills in Barangay 5-A Bankerohan.

Last Monday, the detainee with stinky armpits reportedly underwent inquest proceedings at a court on charges of theft.

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