Pandesal Boy Robbed In Caloocan (Viral Video)

Kokey Santos, a young boy who sells hot pandesal in Caloocan City, has been robbed by an unidentified man who initially disguised as a buyer.

Pandesal Boy Robbed In Caloocan

The incident took place in Barangay 168 Deparo in said city last Thursday, October 9.

The story of Kokey, whose real name is Mark Christian, went viral on Facebook after a certain Christopher Pacheco posted a video showing the victim trembling and crying after a heartless individual took his P200 income and ran away quickly.

Following the robbery, Pacheco said several people handed money to Kokey to at least appease him after such a terrible experience.

According to residents in the area who knows Kokey, the young pandesal vendor is the eldest among siblings. A source told that the pandesal boy uses his meager income to help his family earn for a living.

In a follow-up post on Friday, October 10, Pacheco said the pandesal vendor's family wished to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all of those who helped and offered assistance.

Pandesal boy with his father