OFW In 'Careless Whisper' Video To Be Decapitated?

Is it true that the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in the viral "Careless Whisper" video has been arrested and scheduled for decapitation?

The woman, identified on Facebook as "Jasmine Hamza," was allegedly caught by her female employer ("madam") taking photos of herself in compromising positions.

Recent Facebook posts warned other Pinay workers in the Middle East against posting indecent images on social media.

OFW In 'Careless Whisper' Video To Be Decapitated?

However, alleged Master of Arts student "Suzy Bautista," who claims that she is the author of the "case study" called "I am Mah Yeen," just laughed off the news on the supposed "beheading."

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, October 28, she even challenged "all concerned Filipinos" to file a case against her in a Saudi court.

I am Mah Yeen post

The infamous personality, who starred in a lustful video and several sexy photos deemed violative of the Sharia Law, became a trending topic on social media earlier this month after news broke out that Saudi authorities were allegedly looking for her.