Is This Homicide? Last Pictures of Jennifer Laude Go Viral

On his blog, "activist lawyer" Harry Roque asked "Is This Homicide?" and then attached the last pictures of Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude.

According to The Filipino Scribe, "uncensored photos" of Laude, which were "taken from the crime scene (her head smashed against the toilet bowl) were circulating online" on Tuesday, October 28.

We traced the link and found out that it redirects to Roque's blog ( The post is no longer available as of Wednesday, October 29.

Is This Homicide? Last Pictures of Jennifer Laude
Screenshot of Harry Roque's Blog
The last pictures of Laude, who was killed on October 11, made its way online a day after the lone suspect, US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, asked the Olongapo City Prosecutor’s Office to downgrade the criminal complaint to be filed against him.

His defense counsel, Rowena Garcia-Flores, filed before the five-man prosecution panel on Monday "motions for clarification of the murder complaint, declaration of no-probable cause and downgrading the murder charge to homicide," The Manila Times reported.

Under Philippine law, murder carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment while the maximum penalty for homicide is 20 years, the news outlet added.