Has Mayor Duterte Decided To Run For President?

Has Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao decided to run for president in 2016? It seems the answer is "yes" if judgment will be based on this photo.

Digong Atin To Pres
Photo courtesy of Hon. Leo Avila

The picture, which was posted Thursday evening on Facebook by city councilor Leo Avila, shows Duterte with ex-president Fidel V. Ramos, who wore a white t-shirt with a large thumbs up sign and capslocked print that says "DIGONG! ATIN TO PRE(S)."

According to Sunstar Davao, the former president visited the city in time for the 2nd BIMP-Eaga Trade Fair and Business Leaders' Conference last Wednesday, October 22.

Citing a "highly-placed source," the local paper reported Tuesday that Ramos "requested a meeting" with the mayor to discuss among others "the 2016 presidential race." At the time of publication, however, the news outlet's source "refused to confirm" if FVR would announce his support for Duterte's possible presidential bid.

In the uploaded photo, both of them flashed a sign of approval.