'Government Warning' About Shampoo Scam Resurfaces

A survey scam regarding an alleged government warning about a bath shampoo, which went viral in July this year, has resurfaced on Facebook.

Bath Shampoo Scam
The headline says:

GOVERNMENT WARNING: You will never use this BATH SHAMPOO after viewing this!"

The description tells you:

You must watch this video to save yourself and your family from this disease (caused) by a SHAMPOO!"

'Government Warning' About Shampoo Scam Resurfaces

Do not click the link.

In late July, Hoax-Slayer explained what the scam is all about.

"The message is a scam designed to trick you into spamming your Facebook friends and participating in bogus online surveys. It is not a government warning and the claim that the supposed growth was caused by shampoo is a lie," the website, which debunks internet hoaxes, posted on Facebook. "The fake image uses a manipulated picture of a lotus seedpod and is similar to a long running hoax that supposedly depicts a breast rash that harboured live larvae."

Once clicked, the link will redirect you to a bogus web page that looks like Facebook. It will then tell you to share first so that the fake video will start. It will not play at all even if you're done following the instructions.

The scammers are using a method called "clickjacking" which, according to International Business Times, "is a technique used to trick online users into clicking hidden links and buttons. Scammers exploit the security weakness in web browsers to allow the layering and hiding of pages."

If you happen to see this kind of message on your Facebook timeline, report and delete it quickly.