Dumb Ways To Vote (Dumb Ways To Die Parody) Video

FNF Philippines has released a video titled Dumb Ways To Vote, a parody of the viral Dumb Ways To Die, which you will surely love watching.

The group describes the video as follows:

Dumb Ways to Vote is a three-minute animated video on Philippine electoral candidates. It is an entertaining parody on the qualifications of politicians who keep winning elections – a comedian, the corrupt, or even a murderer! Dumb Ways is a reminder that people should vote intelligently. As the country gears up for presidential elections in May 2016, Filipinos can refer to the video as a tick off sheet when they screen candidates.

Among the animated characters featured in the video are "a general who's been a coup plotter," "a movie star who's been hotter," "a boxer," "a comedian," "widow of a dictator," "a crook who's escaped from his jailor," "an ex-president who was corrupt," and a "murderer."

It also apparently shows a family that's known for practicing political dynasty and describes a senator wearing a hat as "useless loser."

Posted on October 13, Dumb Ways to Vote has versions in English and Filipino. We're embedding both on this page.

English version:

Filipino version:

FNF Philippines, or Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office, says it promotes "liberal and democracy in the country through political freedom, human rights, economic freedom and rule-of-law."

Hat tip to Ask Pinoy Bloggers member Ritche Awit

Dumb Ways To Vote (Dumb Ways To Die Parody) Video