Dionisia Pacquiao wants a baby, but boyfriend is afraid

Dionisia Pacquiao, also known as Mommy D, still wants a baby, but her boyfriend, Michael Yamson, is afraid pregnancy might cause her death.

Mommy Dionisia and boyfriend
Screengrab from video courtesy of TV Patrol
In an interview with Startalk during the dedication of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao's youngest child recently, the controversial couple admitted that they're already living together in one roof.

Mommy D and Michael shared that they are currently working out to make their relationship with both sides of the family stable.

The 38-year-old seaman from Iloilo said they don't have a plan to get married yet although he already realized that he wants to spend the rest of this life with the PacMom.

Mommy Dionisia, 65, has apparently expressed desire to have a baby with Michael through artificial insemination, but her boyfie is not keen on the idea, GMA News reports.

Michael, Mommy D reportedly said, fears that she might die during pregnancy because of her age. In other words, her boyfriend doesn't want to lose her.

She said what's important is they're both happy with the relationship even if some people have doubts about their love for one another.