Customer finds cockroach in food served by Davao resto

A customer was eating lunch with passion and all when he suddenly found a cockroach in the food served by a famous restaurant in Davao City.

Roach in fried rice

Facebook user Bornzkie Mangosong uploaded several pictures that show the dead insect in a plate with fried rice.

He said the incident took place during lunchtime last Tuesday, September 30, at the Illustre branch of Mandarin Tea Garden, a restaurant that serves dim sum and Asian-inspired food.

He said the establishment's staff allegedly did not care about his awful discovery.

Cockroach in food served by Mandarin

Mangosong sought advise from his FB friends as to which government agency he could lodge a formal complaint at. It was not known whether or not he was able to materialize his plan.

Mandarin Tea Garden-Illustre and the City Health Office must investigate. If the allegation is true then someone should be held responsible for what happened.