'Best Halloween Costume' is Nancy Binay SONA Dress-Patterned

Are you looking for the best costume to wear during the Halloween party? Someone just gave an idea. Take a look at this viral Facebook photo.

News and entertainment site RachFeed chanced upon a photo posted by Yeoh Navarrete Egwaras, who captioned it with "Best Costume Everrrrrr."

Best Halloween Costume is Nancy Binay SONA Dress-Patterned

Her outfit is no doubt similar to what Philippine senator Nancy Binay wore during the 2014 State of the Nation Address (SONA) which generated funny memes created by Filipino netizens around the world.

Here's one:

Would you wear a Nancy Binay SONA dress-inspired Halloween costume? Shrek says you'll surely look "funny and scary" at the same time.