Andi Eigenmann could die in work-related accident

Andi Eigenmann could die in a work-related accident if she won't be extra cautious. The actress fell 15 feet off the ground over the weekend.

Viva Artists Agency in its official statement said she was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, October 5, 2014 after meeting an accident on the set of her new movie.

She was already discharged and is now recovering.

"It was an unfortunate accident. Viva brought Andi to the hospital for all tests and she was later cleared and discharged. We are all too happy that Andi's well and fine," said the agency's president, Veronique Corpus.

The mishap occured after Andi's harness loosened. Fortunately and miraculously, she reportedly landed on a seat with cushion.

Andi believes that her father, the late actor Mark Gil who died recently, saved her from harm.

"I fell 15ft. Off the ground today and Im alive. Thanks dad!" she posted on Twitter.

Andi Eigenmann and Mark Gil
Andi and dad (Photo from @niceprintphotography)

It was the second time that Andi met an accident on set.

On March 18, 2011, the actress suffered a second-degree burn and got wounded due to a prop gun misfire while filming the primetime series "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin."

Andi was shooting an action sequence that required her to fall to the ground along with co-actor Martin del Rosario.

Apparently, a gun loaded with dummy bullets was accidentally fired by del Rosario as the camera rolled.

Blood seeped from the hole of Andi's clothes. Her co-actor was reportedly shocked and apologetic.