Alleged Two-Timer Filipina Slapped By Indian Boyfriends (Viral Video)

A two-part video titled "Love in Singapore" that shows an alleged 2-timer Filipina being slapped by her Indian boyfriends is going viral online.

Alleged Two-Timer Filipina Slapped By Indian Boyfriends
Screenshot from Facebook video
In the video, which was posted by Facebook user Anupam Maurya, the alleged female overseas Filipino worker can be seen being hit in the face and head by two men, said to be her boyfriends.

The names of the persons involved in the alleged love triangle are unknown.

The woman was already crying and pleading for her lovers to stop hurting her but to no avail. Some commenters said the woman is Filipina, but others posted that she's Indonesian.

Part 1 garnered 101,856 views, 853 likes and 5,760 shares while part 2 got 48,476 views, 585 likes, and 3,615 shares as of this posting.

Viewer discretion is advised as the men in the video uttered foul words.

Part 1

Part 2

We will update this post as we gather more information.