AJ Ramos Scandal Video Goes Viral

AJ Ramos has become a trending topic on Twitter after a scandalous video showing him and a girl performing intimate acts went viral online.

AJ Ramos Scandal Video

Various sources say that Ramos is a student of Ateneo while his partner, identified in reports as Abby Santiaguel, is from the same school although earlier posts indicated that she's from La Salle.

News about the controversial sex video reportedly first appeared on the gossip blog Fashion Pulis. Hours later, the AJ Ramos scandal video surfaced on several websites such as Facebook, Vid.Me, and adult sites.

The terms "Ateneo Scandal," "DLSU Scandal," as well as "Abby Santiaguel Video Scandal" were apparently hot searches on Google and Yahoo as curious netizens on social media tried to find download links.

According to the grapevine, the scandalous AJ Ramos video has part 1, which is more than 16 minutes long, and part 2 that's a little over 2 minutes to play.

On Twitter, many called it "the best scandal ever" this year.