AJ Ramos Quits Twitter Amid Sex Video Scandal

AJ Ramos, the Ateneo student involved in the sex scandal video that went viral recently, has decided to deactivate his account and quit Twitter.

The guy must have thought it was the best way to stop all the bashing he received after scandalous videos of him and his rumored wife, Abby Santiaguel, leaked online and spread via social media.

AJ's profile on Twitter turned inaccessible a few days after he apparently threatened to sue those who shared his sex video.

AJ Ramos Quits Twitter

Since October 7, he ceased to retweet and respond to messages posted for him by netizens. By that time, the controversy that became the talk of the town for a week started to subside.

The issue did not last long probably because mainstream media ignored it as AJ is not a celebrity.