Traffic Enforcer Gets Bullied by Motorist With Contagious Laughter (Video)

This viral video shows a traffic enforcer getting bullied by a motorist who has a contagious laughter. Watch it to find out what really happened.

Traffic Enforcer Bullied

Facebook user Rey Damulag Nobie uploaded the video last September 15.

In the description, he said the altercation between him and the "blue boy" from the Traffic and Parking Management Office of Pasig (PTMO) happened at a street corner in Barangay Manggahan going to C5 Road at around 1 p.m. on Monday.

Nobie admitted a traffic violation, saying that his rider did not wear a helmet at the time.

However, the motorist said he saw that the traffic enforcer also did not wear a helmet and was driving a motorcyle with expired registration.

He likewise noted that the motorcycle used by the PTMO worker had an "open" muffler and the plate number was partly covered with blue plastic.

The motorist claimed that he told the traffic enforcer to issue a ticket, but challenged him to issue himself one first for his own violations.

As you can see in the following video, the traffic enforcer immediately left the scene after he noticed that everything was captured on video.

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