Caught on Video: Tiger Kills Man Inside Zoo

A viral video captured a horrific scene where a white tiger killed a young man inside a zoo enclosure in New Delhi, India, last Tuesday.

Tiger Kills Man Inside Zoo
Screengrab from video courtesy of Ravinder Singh Hunny
Various news reports say the incident happened at the National Zoological Park on September 23 at around 1pm.

The 20-year-old victim, who according to authorities appeared to be drunk, climbed the low railing and fell into the concrete ditch where the tiger was let out for public viewing.

The victim, whose name was withheld pending further investigation, is seen in the video struggling to keep the tiger away and was moving his hands in both upward and downward directions as if he was pleading or praying.

Onlookers tried to distract the animal's attention by shouting and making noise while throwing sticks and stones so the young man can run for his life, but to no avail. The tiger bit the victim in the neck and dragged him in a grassy area in the enclosure.

The four-legged killer was locked-up after killing its human prey.

A zoo official, who reportedly claimed they have tranquilising guns at the zoo hospital but lacked enough time to get it, said it was the first time such a horrible incident happened in the facility.