Stephanie Beaudoin: Suspected Thief the 'World's Hottest Criminal'?

Stephanie Beaudoin, a suspected female thief, is getting lots of attention online as she is believed to be the "world's hottest criminal."

Sexy criminal
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The 21-year-old nursing student from Quebec, Canada has been charged with a hundred and two offenses in relation to 42 alleged burglaries and illegal gun ownership, various reports said.

When she appeared in a Victoriaville court last Monday, six more charges of breaking, entering, and receiving stolen property were added to the charges initially filed against her in August, reports the Montreal Journal.

Records reportedly show that Stephanie Beaudoin, along with three teenage accomplices, apparently broke into unoccupied homes in Maple and Arthabaska through back doors or basement windows.

However, instead of gaining bashers and haters for her supposed unlawful activities, the suspected thief received praises (majority from men, of course) after this photo was posted online.

Social media users from many parts of the world were buzzing over the midweek as Beaudoin took the headlines of known websites and blogs.

On Twitter, some netizens called her the "sexiest thief alive" while others said Stephanie Beaudoin has "captured the hearts" of men. A few even joked that they are willing to volunteer to take the mug shots in case the court finds her guilty of the charges.

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