Ronald Hartigan Story: September 24, 2014 Update

Here's an update on the story of Ronald Hartigan, the cash-strapped Australian who wants to go home with his sons, as of Wednesday, September 24.

Hartigan, who suffered a heart attack recently, is still sick and confined at Riverside Medical Hospital in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Ronald Hartigan at the hospital

Rose Eden Battistello

The Filipina balikbayan, who shared the story to the public and is helping Hartigan, went to Manila on September 23 to arrange an appointment with the Australian Embassy.

Based on her Facebook post, she stayed at The Grand Midori apartment and condominium in Makati.

Battistello shared that she has decided to seek help from the Australian Consulate or Immigration.

Hi hello everyone. After I visit Mr Hastigan in his hospital bed yesterday. There is only one decision for me to make. Seek the help of Australian Consulate or Immigration. I don't think he can make it unless I do something and help will come for him.

He was trying to tell me something when he show me his finger cover with ink. Then his right finger pointing out to the left arm where few needles are.

He was trying to tell me something but his heart can't handle it. Then me and the Head of the social worker just left. He knows I can't do anything even if I want to. So my last hope is to come here in Makati and seek legal advice.

God bless and protect me & my family and most of all Ronald & his kids. Thanks.

On September 24, Battistello posted pictures of her at the Australian Embassy to show proof.


The fundraiser has reached $8,755 which is $755 more from the target of $8,000. The money was raised by 304 people in 11 days, as stated on the website as of this posting.

Battistello has allowed the donors to decide on what to do with the donation raised on GoFundMe amid allegations that she's is diverting the money from the original purpose, which is to pay for the passports and plane tickets of Hartigan and his children, to the Aussie man's medical expenses and hospitalization.

Battistello posted an update addressing negative remarks against her, which reads:

Jason puryear saved your words. Obviously you don't know the truth.

And Lucy Brand, which part of this case that the truth hurts me? And I posted on my facebook like a mad dog?

Lucky for you to judge me because is not your life and your relatives life has been threaten. But mine.

You people don't even know but acting like you know me. All you care about is my fundraising. Why don't you come here and hand your own money towards the hospital bills? If you know everything?

Remember just one click I can refund all the money that been donated here and then all this will over in a click.

Be careful what you say, you don't know the whole truth and as far as concern had done any help to For Mr Hartigan more I already did.

So don't judge me and let me handle my job. I started this, then let me finished it without you judging me. You are worst than wife.

Tracey Hartigan-Sinclair, Hartigan's daughter back in Australia, also gave a word, as follows:

Rose you have done a terific job raiseing the awareness and raising money.But unless my dads hospital bill is payed dad will not receive the help he needs and will surely die.l dont care if Gina is raising funds her self.YOU have stated you are doing this to help my dad and brothers,well help my dad by paying the hospital bill.Surely everyone isnt going to let my dad die just because Gina is at his side not you thats rediculus.l have told you several times my wishes and you refuse to respect them

Our take on this

It appears that the Ronald Hartigan Story has gone complicated. Problems are arising, the main character is still ill, and a lot of people are involved, some just riding on.

There's also an issue about a few individuals who are taking advantage of the situation.

Netizens also discovered that an alleged scammer claimed that Hartigan's papers are "on process" and "they will be leaving soon." The suspect has reportedly been asking donations for Hartigan using his own Facebook account.

Alleged scammer

Things like these naturally happen specially when money is involved.

Our unsolicited advise for Battistello is that she has to put the existing GoFundMe funds and set the money aside for Hartigan and his sons' passports and plane tickets, and then create another fundraiser so that there will be a separate financial source for his hospitalization.