Nurses for Change Movement to hold protest

Nurses for Change Movement, which promotes the welfare and fights for the rights of Filipino nurses, is planning to hold a protest next month.

Businessman and broadcast journalist Carl Balita initiated the movement following his Facebook rant against government after the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) apparently denied last May the proposed salary increase for nurses.

DBM's letter to the proponent, Ang NARS partylist group, and Balita's sentiments can be read on this page.

The radio anchor, who is a registered nurse himself, posted Sunday that he is meeting the convenors circle for the October 17 Nurses for Change Movement on Monday, September 8, at 1 p.m. in his office in Manila.

He said a virtual conference will be available for those interested.

Nurses for Change Movement

"This movement is NOT about ME, but about US nurses. I need people to lead and join me take this ACTION. NOW is the TIME TO MOVE!!!" Balita said.

He noted that the Nurses for Change Movement has "NO political color to show, NO political SIDE to take, NO business to promote, [and] NO organization to advance!" supports the cause.

For nurses who want to join the movement and participate in discussions, like the Nurses for Change Movement Facebook page.