Local TV host draws netizens' ire for #lazynurses rant

ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro program host Nicole Abas Datayan has drawn the ire of netizens for ranting against what she tagged as "lazy nurses."

In a series of Facebook messages on September 20, Datayan said she was "pissed" with the medical staff and the doctor attending her niece who was admitted Friday due to high fever.

She mentioned Madonna and Child Hospital and called it a "hospital that had no respect for her (niece's) well-being and humanity." According to a reliable source, her niece was later transferred to another hospital.

Datayan complained that they were "kept getting passed back and forth" by the nurse on duty, whom she described as "way batasan" which means ill-mannered in vernacular.

The name-calling came after they were apparently told to give the kid a sponge bath to cool down her fever.

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Local TV host draws netizens' ire for lazy nurses rant
Courtesy of Chad Dhac
Her posts were already removed, but critics captured some screenshots prior to its deletion. The local TV host quickly gained bashers after the print screen captures went viral.

In a follow-up post, Datayan alleged that "no doctor has come to see her" niece in the last 24 hours and the nurse kept telling them: "Don't worry, we're texting him."

The hospital, she said, "had the balls to tell us we can't transfer her to another hospital until we have that doctor's referral."

Nicole Abas Datayan Facebook post
Screenshot from Facebook
Despite her explanation, the bashing continued. One commenter even said she is a "disgrace to all media personalities" because of her "bad attitude." Datayan has yet to respond.