Nicole Abas Issues Statement Amid #LazyNurses Controversy (Video)

Local TV host Nicole Abas Datayan, who is in hot water over a controversial "lazy nurses" tag, issued her statement in a video interview.

Nicole Abas Datayan issues official statement
Screengrab from video
In a mix of English language and Visayan dialect, the ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro program host shared her side of the story on TV Patrol Northern Mindanao.

Nicole said her niece has a history of convulsion and when her fever reached "38.9 degrees celsius," they immediately brought the child to a private hospital to ensure that she will get proper medical treatment.

However, Nicole alleged that besides the resident on duty, the doctor of the hospital did not visit the patient even if she was already confined in a private room for more than 24 hours.

Nicole said she got even more worried and scared when her niece's fever rose to the temperature level of "39.2 degrees" centigrade. She sought help from the nurse and asked if she could do a sponge bath or tepid bath to help cool the patient's fever down.

The TV host said she suggested to the nurse that if possible, she can use the towel from the hospital's complimentary kit in the absence of a tepid bath kit.

Nicole said that while she was giving her niece a tepid bath, the nurse allegedly left them without providing any instruction or assistance.

Amid the controversy, the broadcast personality clarified that she has a high level of respect for doctors and nurses.

Aside from the fact that her sibling and cousins are nurses, Nicole said she has a debt of gratitude to doctors and nurses because she "partially owes" them her second life when she suffered and battled lupus nephritis in the past.

The report said that for Nicole, it is not a battle between her and nurses but a fight for the right to sufficient and efficient medical services.

The TV host said she hopes that it will be a wake up call so that everyone would fairly receive better medical care and services.

For their part, hospital officials reportedly declined to comment on the issue.