News Rewind: OFW Lashed 100 Times in Jeddah After Getting Pregnant Out of Wedlock

A female Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) received 100 lashes in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after getting pregnant by a man who was not her husband.

This was reported by GMA News over a year ago, but we're featuring it on News Rewind as a reminder to Filipina workers abroad to respect and never violate laws of other countries.

According to the report, the 29-year old woman was convicted of immorality under the Sharia or Islamic law, under which those who get pregnant out of wedlock must be punished with imprisonment or a penalty of lashes to be determined by courts.

Instead of serving a one-year sentence in jail, she was pardoned but received 100 lashes on her back, the report said.

Double Whammy

Besides suffering physical pain, the OFW was also emotionally whipped when the father of her baby abandoned them.

Saudi authorities discovered that she was not married to the man after she gave birth.

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